Ulrich Gleiter Solo Exhibition

October 24 - November 28, 2020
Small Seascape (Croatia) (G) 14x8 2019     DSC09399
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Small Seascape (Croatia) (G) 14x8 2019     DSC09399
Olive orchard 11x12 2019     DSC08792
Small Seascape (Croatia) (G) 14x8 2019    DSC09395
White Nights in Finland 28x20 2019     DSC04548
The central square of Ravières  17 3 4  x 23 2 3 2020
Tree-lined road 18x30 2020    DSC01483
White Nights in Finland 28x20 2019    DSC04552
A street in Burgundy   27 1 2 x 27 1 2  2020   DSC02242
Apple tree in blossom 16x20 2019    DSC09904
Colorful morning (Spring in southern Finland) 20x28 2020     IMG_20200411_092234
Last light    By the Armançon canal  17 3 4 x 26    2020   DSC02215
MIDNIGHT SUN  IN FINLAND  26 x 21 1 2   2019      DSC09554
On a bright winter day 20x24 2019      DSC09295
On a bright winter day 20x24 2019      IMG_20190408_121847713_HDR
Orange light (Blossoming willows in Spring)     20x12   2020     DSC01562
Small Seascape (Croatia) (G) 14x8 2019 DSC09399


Gallery 1261 is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by German artist Ulrich Gleiter, on view through the gallery's online exhibition space. It is a survey of recent travels throughout Europe - to French Burgundy, Finland, or Croatia's Dalmatian islands.

Ulrich created some of the paintings under quarantine this spring in his temporary home of four months in Finland. What was planned as an overnight stop, en route to Germany coming from Lapland, Europe's Arctic North, later turned out as a stay until June at a cabin in the woods. On exhibit are Gleiter's descriptions of wilderness and scenes in quaint villages of France, all painted outside,
 en plein air.


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