New Landscapes: David Grossmann Solo Exhibition

David Grossmann promotional image for New Landscapes solo exhibition

Gallery 1261 is proud to present New Landscapes, a solo exhibition by David Grossmann, opening on November 6th, 2021.

Artist Statement:

Over the past year and a half so much of the world around me has shifted toward a new reality, and these paintings have taken shape during that season. The shutdowns and unrest made nature even more of a refuge to me than before; I watched the colors of the sky, wandered through the woods, and somewhere along the way I shed a bit of my anxiety. In that process of letting go I thought about how intricately the landscapes around me have shaped my inner landscapes through each chapter of life. My work has become the exploration of those lines between inner and outer landscapes, walking to the edge of reality and into spaces of intuition and memory, often prompted by actual places and then translated into abstract shapes, textures, and moods. Now as life shifts back toward a faster pace I hope I can hang on to the slower contemplation that resulted in walking through this season of loss and rediscovery. -David Grossmann