Isolation and Hope: John McCaw Solo Exhibition

September 5 - October 10, 2020

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For the exhibition at Gallery 1261, I’ll be showcasing a series of objects that I began at the onset of the Covid-19 quarantine. These objects, which I call the Containment Project, symbolize the many different ways the pandemic has affected people from all over the world. Whether the impact is economic, social, physical, emotional or spiritual, these objects represent the human experience and the virus wrapped up in one.


The second part of the exhibition will consist of paintings meant to brighten one’s outlook on life and encourage a positive growth mindset. The situation we are currently in, is one that can be polarizing and surrounded by negativity. I want to change the narrative and focus on the good in life, the things we are thankful for. I hope you enjoy the exhibition “Isolation and Hope.” - John McCaw


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