Bliss Point: Gregory Block Solo Exhibition

Artist Reception - August 7th, from 5-7pm (open to the public)

Artist Statement:

I have a vague memory of sitting in a prison-like psychiatrist office (or was it an optometrist?), struggling to choose the correct donuts from a chart on the wall. A mental diagnosis was at stake, or maybe I was on the verge of losing my vision, but in either case, the shadowy clinician made it clear that my future rested in the balance. Sheer terror. Until I realized how ridiculous the scenario was, and that I must certainly be dreaming. I leapt up, pulled the chart from the wall, and stepped through the door into a fresh, bright world. In my hands, the chart had become a real box full of real donuts, and I could have them all. I hope never to wake up.

Still it's true, you can tell a lot about a person by which donuts they choose. Pink sprinkles, you say.....? Really? -Gregory Block




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