Fresh Start: Scott Fraser Solo Exhibition

Appoinments may be made to view the show in person by contacting the gallery through our contact form.

This is my first solo exhibition with Gallery 1261. I have been showing with them since they opened, and I appreciate the relationship we have built over the years. This current body of work has no unifying theme or direction, it simply reflects how concepts have evolved into paintings in the course of the pandemic. For me, painting is a form of processing. Gentle humor has helped me combat the dark times. Objects have memories which make them easy to incorporate into meaningful narratives. Painting my wife’s metronome helped me express concern about recent wild fires and underlying climate change. I also found inspiration in my dog’s squeaky toy, yellow iris from mom’s garden, pears from my nephews back yard, silver spoons from my mother in law and a frog skeleton, gifted to me years ago by my friend Dan Sprick - never have friends and family been more important.  It was my daughter who challenged me to paint Dan’s frog skeleton, along with the variety of winged creatures found on my studio floor. I tip my hat to her for this composition. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



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