Faces of Eve: Ron Hicks Solo Exhibition

July 21 - November 30, 2018

This one-night pop-up is now an online exhibition.

In this work, Hicks blends abstraction with realism, an honest evolution that may seem, if you know his work from the past years, as a departure. It is not. This work represents years thinking through the process of painting, moving from craftsman rendering what was in front of him to the sublime artist open and secure in his ability to take all he’s learned and allow his emotions to guide the way. Where his work had explored themes of human connection through a direct approach to painting the figure, now clear ideas of what his subjects are thinking are obfuscated by abstraction in brushwork and color, and even with the application of torn canvas, recycled from past works destroyed in order to create spaces for these new works to emerge. The resulting paintings are far deeper, introspective and searching, and at the same time, outwardly involved in contemporary issues of our time, embracing perspectives that leave the viewer with more questions than answers.

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