Inward: David Grossmann Solo Exhibition

June 1 - July 6, 2019

Opening Reception: Jun 1, 6-8pm

Gallery 1261 is proud to announce the opening of a solo exhibition by David Grossman, titled “Inward”. This exhibition is an invitation to look within oneself, to pause and contemplate, giving us as spectators an opportunity to step away from our distractions and disconnections. This new work is a continuation of the artist’s introspective, divinely serene and minimalistic contemplations of nature in its quiet beauty.


Merging centuries-old techniques with a contemporary aesthetic, Grossmann’s work bridges the gap between old and new, tradition and abstraction. He works on hand-made panels which become the base for luminous layers of pigment and intricate surface textures that he meticulously develops through his studio paintings. It is a time-consuming, meditative process that Grossmann balances with his frequent treks outdoors to paint directly and spontaneously from nature. The artist’s hope is that these compositions draw the spectator in to see the textures, the brushstrokes, the emotions behind each composition, and that the viewer will be able to find the stillness and the meanings that he searched for as he painted them.


“These paintings are my introspections, my inward journey to understand something about the motivations that drive me as an artist. I wanted to go deeper into my subject matter, my materials, and my inspirations behind each painting. This led me to focus some of these pieces around specific subjects that have become important and symbolic to me. It gave me the means to experiment with technique in new ways, pushing the boundaries of how I use the pigments, mediums and surfaces that comprise my work. This process of introspection also led me into explorations of mood through texture and color, walking where the blurry lines of reality finally dissolve into abstraction.” His evocative landscapes blur the edges between reality, memory, and imagination. He sees painting as a heartfelt way of connecting both with creation and with people. “When I paint the landscape, there is something in me that comes to life that doesn’t happen any other way. I hope to capture some of that spark and to convey it through my paintings so that others can also share in that profound sense of beauty and peace.”


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