Eventide: Daniel Keys Solo Exhibition

Gallery 1261 is proud to present Eventide: Daniel Keys Solo Exhibition, opening on September 25th, 2021.




even·​tide | \ ˈē-vən-ˌtīd


1. the time of evening

Synonyms: Dusk, nightfall, sunset, eve, twilight

I've always loved flowers. Even as a child, my easiest memories are of a wild fascination with what grows out of the dirt and more specifically what blooms. Nothing made me happier then, and quite frankly, I don't think much has changed. Even now, nothing interrupts my thoughts quicker than the sight of some colorful bloom.

For this exhibit, I wanted to showcase the direction that my floral paintings have gone in as of late - flowers in the garden at dusk - the moment between day and dark, just after the sun has set, but there's still a gentle glowing ambient light.

Harmonizing everything in sight, this gloaming light offers the opportunity to create paintings of a more subtle nature. By combining vivid color with soft warm grays, a calmer version of what might otherwise be loud and bright emerges. In addition to this exploration of light quality, is also an attempt at limited color harmony - each piece features just one, or at most two, colors of flowers. Though I love a parade of variety, EVENTIDE is about taking complex shapes, textures, and compositions, and simplifying them into gentle cohesive and tranquil moments. -Daniel Keys