Luminalia: Mia Bergeron Solo Exhibition

Gallery 1261 is proud to present Luminalia, a solo exhibition by Mia Bergeron, opening on January 7th, 2022. 
Artist Statement: 

Flames have been used historically throughout the world to signify the passing of time. We light candles for birthdays, for prayers, for deaths. One candle can light many, an inspiring symbol most appropriate to start a new year. Flames can symbolize rejuvenation, cleansing, thoughtfulness, silence, and the passing to another chapter. This January, Mia Bergeron brings us a collection of paintings dedicated to one seemingly simple yet powerful symbol: the flame. When this iconic element is set in surprising visual contexts, the narrative for this ancient symbol becomes more nuanced than original associations would have led us to think about something as simple as light and heat. -Mia Bergeron

Mia Bergeron's Tranquil Ghosts featured on the January issue of American Art Collector.