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Daniel Sprick   Daniel Sprick   David Uhl

David Uhl   Robert C. Jackson

Robert C. Jackson   Quang Ho   Quang Ho

Mike Malm   Mike Malm   Dan McCaw   Dan McCaw   Dan McCaw

Dan McCaw  Dan McCaw  Dan McCaw  Dan McCaw  Dan McCaw

Danny McCaw   Danny McCaw   John McCaw   John McCaw   John McCaw

C.W. Mundy   C.W. Mundy   C.W. Mundy

Mark Nelson   Mark Nelson   Mark Nelson   Mark Daily

Jeff Uffelman   Jeff Uffelman

Jeff Uffelman   Jeff Uffelman   Jeff Uffelman   Jeff Uffelman

Jeff Uffelman   Walt Gonske   Walt Gonske   Walt Gonske

Nancy Switzer   Nancy Switzer

Nancy Switzer

Nancy Switzer   Nancy Switzer

Nancy Switzer

Kevin Weckbach   Kevin Weckbach   Kevin Weckbach

Kevin Weckbach   Kevin Weckbach

Kevin Weckbach

Challenging the
Still Life

Apr 11- May 24
Opening Reception: Friday, Apr 11, 5pm-9pm

Participating Artists: