Mar 25 - Apr 23, 2016

Opening Reception:
Friday, Mar 25, 6-9pm

Scott Burdick
Scott Burdick | "Lower Cascade Falls"
Suchitra Bhosle
Suchitra Bhosle | "Spring Trail"Suchitra Bhosle | "Stairway to the Belltower"
Kim Cogan
Kim Cogan | "The Butterfly Effect"
Dianne L Massey Dunbar
Dianne L Massey Dunbar | "Rain on Windshield"Dianne L Massey Dunbar | "Parking Meter 1"
Hollis Dunlap
Hollis Dunlap | "Alleyway"
Greg Gandy
Greg Gandy | "Sunset over Union Square"Greg Gandy | "1972 Cadillac"
Ulrich Gleiter
Ulrich Gleiter | "After the Rain (Caucasus)"Ulrich Gleiter | "Sunny Morning in Fall"
David Gluck
David Gluck | "High and Dry"
David Grossmann
David Grossmann | "Moon and Distant City Lights"
Quang Ho
Quang Ho | "Creekside in December"
Jeff Legg
Jeff Legg | "A Midsummer Night's Dream"Jeff Legg | "After the Storm"Jeff Legg | "Decay"Jeff Legg | "Last Light"Jeff Legg | "The Sentinel"
Michael J Lynch
Michael J Lynch | "Evening Arrangement"Michael J Lynch | "Sunlit Surf near Mendocino"Michael J Lynch | "Summer Moon"
Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann | "The Geary St Storm"
CW Mundy
CW Mundy | "Camden, MN"CW Mundy | "View of Gloucester"
Mikael Olson
Mikael Olson | "Untitled"Mikael Olson | "California St"Mikael Olson | "East Harlem"Mikael Olson | "Street Shadows"Mikael Olson | "Studio Window"
Derek Penix
Derek Penix | "New York City"
Dale O. Roberts
Dale O. Roberts | "Bleached Out"Dale O. Roberts | "Fraternal Twins"Dale O. Roberts | "January Sunrise"
Andrzej Skorut
Andrzej Skorut | "Vermillion Cliffs"
Robin Cole Smith
Robin Cole Smith | "The Space Between"Robin Cole Smith | "One of those moments that is the opposite of blindness"
Kevin Weckbach
Kevin Weckbach | "Wie ein Märchen"
Jordan Wolfson
Jordan Wolfson | "City in Three States (Denver from Judith's Terrace)"
Michael Workman
Michael Workman | "Morning with Cows"Michael Workman | "Red Angus"
Zhaoming Wu
Zhaoming Wu | "Canyon in Fog"
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