Figurative II


Jun 17 - Jul 16, 2016

Opening Reception:
Friday, Jun 17, 6-9 pm

Suchitra Bhosle
Suchitra Bhosle | "Graphic Reverie"Suchitra Bhosle | "Inner Glow II"Suchitra Bhosle | "Blue Melody"
Gregory Block
Gregory Block | "Sunlight"
Scott Burdick
Scott Burdick | "Native"
David Cheifetz
David Cheifetz | "Heartstrings"
Stephen Early
Stephen Early | "Figure Studies for "First and Last Impressions""Stephen Early | "The Migration Home (Wilderness is a Necessity)"
Teresa Elliott
Teresa Elliott | "Moon as Bright"
Rose Frantzen
Rose Frantzen | "Figure"
Quang Ho
Quang Ho | "Kitchen Blue"Quang Ho | "Untitled"Quang Ho | "Gaylord Kitchen"
Ron Hicks
Ron Hicks | "Cast Away"Ron Hicks | "Compliments of the Gentleman"Ron Hicks | "Just Say It"
Daniel Keys
Daniel Keys | "Jaime with Flowers"Daniel Keys | "The Artist at 28"Daniel Keys | "Study of Arminee"
Jeff Legg
Jeff Legg | "In the Garden"
Joseph Lorusso
Joseph Lorusso | "Bourbon and Song"Joseph Lorusso | "Broken Mirror"Joseph Lorusso | "In White"
Susan Lyon
Susan Lyon | "Brilliant Wings"
Matt R Martin
Matt R Martin | "Peripheral Weave"Matt R Martin | "Peripheral Weave II"
Dan McCaw
Dan McCaw | "Standing Figure"
Danny McCaw
Danny McCaw | "Standing Figure II"Danny McCaw | "Standing Figure I II"
Catherine Mulligan
Catherine Mulligan | "Mask"
CW Mundy
CW Mundy | "Black Hat and Veiled Face"CW Mundy | "The Red Hat"
Mikael Olson
Mikael Olson | "Green Room"Mikael Olson | "Last Conversation"Mikael Olson | "Yellow Kitchen"Mikael Olson | "Kagemusha"
Kate Sammons
Kate Sammons | "I'd Love to See You Before I Go"Kate Sammons | "Self Portrait in Mirror"
Mark Tennant
Mark Tennant | "Figure I"Mark Tennant | "Pink Nude"
Joseph Todorovitch
Joseph Todorovitch | "Echo"
Kevin Weckbach
Kevin Weckbach | "Daylight"
Aaron Westerberg
Aaron Westerberg | "Lipstick"Aaron Westerberg | "Me and Lu"Aaron Westerberg | "Seated Nude"
Pamela Wilson
Pamela Wilson | "Calling Down the Poison Moon"Pamela Wilson | "And the Whippoorwills Lied Unholy"
Zhaoming Wu
Zhaoming Wu | "Glitter"Zhaoming Wu | "Mary in Chinese Chin-Pao"
Vincent Xeus
Vincent Xeus | "Seven Bridges Road"Vincent Xeus | "Summer Eyes"
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