Ulrich Glieter | "Southern Landscape, Moments before Sunrise"

Under the Same Sun: Colorado and Russia

Ulrich Gleiter and David Grossmann


May 28 - Jun 20, 2015

Opening Reception:
Thursday, May 28, 6-9 pm

Ulrich Glieter | "Southern Landscape, Moments before Sunrise"Ulrich Glieter | "Windy Day"Ulrich Glieter | "Middle Ages, Saneti, Georgia"Ulrich Glieter | "Orange Sunset"Ulrich Glieter | "A Day in the Summer"Ulrich Glieter | "A Motif in Georgia"Ulrich Glieter | "Apple Orchard"Ulrich Glieter | "Blue Skies (In the Urals)"Ulrich Glieter | "Bright Summer Day"Ulrich Glieter | "Canyon Landscape"Ulrich Glieter | "Country Road"Ulrich Glieter | "Early Snow"Ulrich Glieter | "Grazing"Ulrich Glieter | "Heavy Snow"Ulrich Glieter | "In a Georgian Village"Ulrich Glieter | "Last Minutes of a Sunset"Ulrich Glieter | "Northern Lands II (10am)"Ulrich Glieter | "Old Orchard at Dusk"Ulrich Glieter | "Before Sunrise"Ulrich Glieter | "Winter Moment"Ulrich Glieter | "Stormy Day"Ulrich Glieter | "Towards Evening"Ulrich Glieter | "Caucasus Sunset"Ulrich Glieter | "A Hot Day in the Crimea"Ulrich Glieter | "Red Portrait"Ulrich Glieter | "Morning Table"
David Grossmann
David Grossmann | "Among the Fallen Leaves"David Grossmann | "At Dusk in the Winter Forest"David Grossmann | "Silent Winter Forest"David Grossmann | "Cathedral Grove"David Grossmann | "Sunrise on the Crestones"David Grossmann | "While Dusk Lingers"David Grossmann | "White Trees at Dawn"David Grossmann | "Wildflower Patterns I"David Grossmann | "Wildflower Patterns, Monday"David Grossmann | "Winter Lines"David Grossmann | "Winter Morning Sunlight"David Grossmann | "AS Dawn Comes"David Grossmann | "Aspen Patterns at Dusk"David Grossmann | "September Colors"David Grossmann | "Early September Evening"David Grossmann | "Flower Patterns and Forest Edge"David Grossmann | "Forest Edge with Summer Clouds"David Grossmann | "From Inside of an Aspen Grove"David Grossmann | "Last Leaves and First Snow"David Grossmann | "Moon and City Lights"David Grossmann | "Morning Sky Fragment"David Grossmann | "Opal Morning Sky"David Grossmann | "Patterns of Winter Trees"David Grossmann | "Solstice Sunrise"David Grossmann | "The Sun and Reaching Trees"David Grossmann | "Trees and Shadows on Bright Snow"David Grossmann | "Vertical Morning Sky"David Grossmann | "Waxing Moon and Night Pines"
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