The Object of Objects

A still life exhibition


July 24 August 15, 2015

Opening Reception:
Friday, July 24, 6-9pm

Mia Bergeron
Mia Bergeron | "Ephemeral"
Suchitra Bhosle
Suchitra Bhosle | "Lemon Arrangement under North Light"Suchitra Bhosle | "Wicker Oil Bottle"
Gregory Block
Gregory Block | "Joy"Gregory Block | "Three Pears"Gregory Block | "Apothecary"Gregory Block | "Allegory"
David Cheifetz
David Cheifetz | "In the Void"David Cheifetz | "Monolith"David Cheifetz | "Black Hole"
Dianne L. Massey Dunbar
Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Two Bottles"Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Water Bottles"Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Bottles and Shadows"Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Empty"Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Red Mug"Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Sleepy Time Tea"Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Stacks"
Zoey Frank
Zoey Frank | "Scarf II"Zoey Frank | "Scarf I"Zoey Frank | "Scarf III"
Greg Gandy
Greg Gandy | "Floral in Brass Vase"Greg Gandy | "Pink Roses"
Quang Ho
Quang Ho | "Toast, Jam, Coffee"Quang Ho | "Coffees"Quang Ho | "American Cafe"Quang Ho | "Lunch in San Francisco"
Jeff Legg
Jeff Legg | "Retribution"Jeff Legg | "Asters and Plums"
C.W. Mundy
CW Mundy | "Red Pear and Green Lime wtih Copper and Flow Blue"CW Mundy | "The Studio"CW Mundy | "Two Apples and One Pear"CW Mundy | "Brass, Yellow Pears, and Pomegranates"CW Mundy | "My Studio"CW Mundy | "Pink Vase"
Kate Sammons
Kate Sammons | "Stairs and Flowers"
Jordan Wolfson
Jordan Wolfson | "Still Life with Bowl and Bone IVJordan Wolfson | "Still Life with Pitcher II
Stephen Wright
Stephen Wright | "Boo Boo"Stephen Wright | "Geode"Stephen Wright | "Scary Monster"Stephen Wright | "Untitled"Stephen Wright | "Weak Force"
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