The Renaissance of Realism

An exhibition in two parts, presented in collaboration with
Windows to the Divine, Collectors for Connoisseurship,
and Shannon Robinson


Nov 13 - Dec 5, 2015

Opening Reception:
Friday, Nov 13, 7-10pm

Mia Bergeron
Mia Bergeron | "Following"Mia Bergeron | "Mantra"
Suchitra Bhosle
Suchitra Bhosle | "Dream I"Suchitra Bhosle | "Dream II"Suchitra Bhosle | "Yogi&ndashTo a Higher Self"
Gregory Block
Gregory Block | "Layer Cake"
Scott Burdick
Scott Burdick | "Sienna"
David Cheifetz
David Cheifetz | "Death Birth Oasis"David Cheifetz | "Drift"David Cheifetz | "Muse"David Cheifetz | "Whispers"
Dianne L Massey Dunbar
Dianne L Massey Dunbar | "The Fallen"Dianne L Massey Dunbar | "Rain on Windshield"
Hollis Dunlap
Hollis Dunlap | "Morgan's Meditation"Hollis Dunlap | "The Guitarist"
Zoey Frank
Zoey Frank | "Pere Lachaise"
Scott Fraser
Scott Fraser | "Heavy Metal"Scott Fraser | "Tango"
Greg Gandy
Greg Gandy | "Brett's Drums"Greg Gandy | "Dream Catcher"
Vincent Giarrano
Vincent Giarrano | "Lana in Her Apartment"Vincent Giarrano | "Bleeker"
David Gluck
David Gluck | "Harlequin"
Quang Ho
Quang Ho | "Inward"Quang Ho | "Seated Figure"
Robert C Jackson
Rober C Jackson | "High Anxiety"
David Leffel
David Leffel | "Basket and Vase with Fruit"
Jeff Legg
Jeff Legg | "Retribution"Jeff Legg | "Sacred Shadows"Jeff Legg | "Eucalyptus and Melon"
Lucong | "Corban 2"
Susan Lyon
Susan Lyon | "Dance of Light"
Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann | "Interlude"
Sherrie McGraw
Sherrie McGraw | "Study of a Mountain Man"
Heather Neill
Heather Neill | "Stable Light"
Kate Sammons
Kate Sammons | "Flowers of Eden"
Robin Cole Smith
Robin Cole Smith | "Immaculata"
Daniel Sprick
Daniel Sprick | "Tom Walsh"Daniel Sprick | "A Delicate Balance"Daniel Sprick | "Blue Dish and Eggshell"Daniel Sprick | "Cream Pitcher"
Joseph Todorovitch
Joseph Todorovitch | "Horizon"
Henrik Uldalen
Henrik Uldalen | "Depart"Henrik Uldalen | "Devoured"Henrik Uldalen | "Paintings"
Anthony Waichulis
Anthony Waichulis | "Totem"Anthony Waichulis | "Natura"
Leah Waichulis
Leah | "Late Spring"
Aaron Westerberg
Aaron Westerberg | "Rider"Aaron Westerberg | "Meditations on a Myth"Aaron Westerberg | "Study for Bowhunter"
Vincent Xeus
Vincent Xeus | "1985"
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