A Friendly Challenge

Gallery artists invite fellow artists they admire


June 26 July 18, 2015

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 26, 6-9pm

Gallery artists and their guests:

Tom Balderas
Tom Balderas | "Figure on Sofa"Tom Balderas | "Girl in Studio"Tom Balderas | "Interior with Figure"Tom Balderas | "Painter's Still Life"Tom Balderas | "Still Life with Gesso Brush"
Jennifer Balkan
Jennifer Balkan | "Fin"Jennifer Balkan | "Naissance"
Mia Bergeron | "Resolved"
Sean Cheetham
Sean Cheetham | "Caballero"Sean Cheetham | "Ratcliff"
Hollis Dunlap | "Figure in Orange and Blue"Hollis Dunlap | "Girl with Stripes"
Michael Gadlin
Michael Gadlin | "The Creel"
Michael Gadlin and Ron Hicks
Michael Gadlin and Ron Hicks | "Beauty"Michael Gadlin and Ron Hicks | "Grace"Michael Gadlin and Ron Hicks | "Charm"
Ron Hicks | "French Woman"Ron Hicks | "The Promise"
Quang Ho | "Arrangement with Silver and Apple"Quang Ho | "Back View"Quang Ho | "Blue Chair"
Kenichi Hoshine
Kenichi Hoshine | "Untitled"
Roger Hubbard
Roger Hubbard | "Standing Figure"Roger Hubbard | "Sagrada Watchers"Roger Hubbard | "Spanish Steps"Roger Hubbard | "Walking Figures"
Tara Juneau
Tara Juneau | "Bear Skull"Tara Juneau | "Andromeda and the Blue Sky"Tara Juneau | "Lace"Tara Juneau | "Soft Green"
Robert Lemler
Robert Lemler | "Figure on Blue"Robert Lemler | "Kami Reading"Robert Lemler | "Violet Figure"Robert Lemler | "Repose"
Matthew Mancini
Matthew Mancini | "Ghost of Arden"
Dan McCaw | "Fulfillment"
Danny McCaw | "Head"Danny McCaw | "Figure at Table"Danny McCaw | "Red Chair"Danny McCaw | "Seated Figure"Danny McCaw | "White Caps"
John McCaw | "Silhouette"John McCaw | "Inspiration"John McCaw | "Untitled"
David Shevlino | "Side View"David Shevlino | "Fish"
Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski
Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski | "Red Wasabi"Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski | "Goya Wasabi"Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski | "Man Cub"Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski | "Where There's Smoke"Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski | "Lilo's Bouquet"Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski | "Hot Night Peonies"Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski | "Summer Peonies"
Katherine Stone
Katherine Stone | "A Certain Slant of Light"
Dorian Vallejo
Dorian Vallejo | "Light"
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson | "Borrowed Palette (Wanderer)"Timothy Wilson | "Morning Light"Timothy Wilson | "Waverly"
Vincent Xeus
Vincent Xeus | "The Philosophy of Blue"
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