Rethinking Western


Jan 11, 2013 - Feb 23, 2013

Opening Reception:
Friday, Jan 11, 5-8pm

Participating Artists:

Thumbnail of Carolyn Anderson | "Bird Bath"Thumbnail of Carolyn Anderson | "Finch in Winter"Thumbnail of Carolyn Anderson | "First Snow"Thumbnail of Carolyn Anderson | "Lark Sparrow"
Thumbnail of Gordon Brown | "Afternoon"Thumbnail of Gordon Brown | "Fall Colors II"Thumbnail of Gordon Brown | "Morning Green"
Thumbnail of Dianne L. Massey Dunbar | "Soda Bottles"
Ulrich Gleiter
Thumbnail of Ulrich Gleiter | "Lifting Clouds"Thumbnail of Ulrich Gleiter | "Morning"Thumbnail of Ulrich Gleiter | "Summer"Thumbnail of Ulrich Gleiter | "Along the River"
Thumbnail of Quang Ho | "Old Howard"Thumbnail of Quang Ho | "Horse Grouping"Thumbnail of Quang Ho | "Horse: Brown and Yellow"Thumbnail of Quang Ho | "Sunny Day on Bear Creek"Thumbnail of Quang Ho | "Western Sky"
Steve Kestrel
Thumbnail of Steve Kestrel | "Arc of Time"Thumbnail of Steve Kestrel | "Arc of Time - Raven Relic"Thumbnail of Steve Kestrel | "Moonlit Nightbird"Thumbnail of Steve Kestrel | "Parthenogenesis - Lizard and Eggs"Thumbnail of Steve Kestrel | "Ripple Effect II"Thumbnail of Steve Kestrel | "Talisman for Cougar"
Thumbnail of Michael J. Lynch | "Aspen Grove on the Upper Meadow"Thumbnail of Michael J. Lynch | "Coastal Fog"
Mike Malm
Thumbnail of Mike Malm | "Autumn Cow"Thumbnail of Mike Malm | "Red Rose"
Thumbnail of Jim Morgan | "Desert Blooms"Thumbnail of Jim Morgan | "A Sunrise in Wyoming"Thumbnail of Jim Morgan | "Marking Territory"Thumbnail of Jim Morgan | "Silent as Shadows"
Derek Penix
Thumbnail of Derek Penix | "Trickling through the Rocks"
Dave Santillanes
Thumbnail of Dave Santillanes | "Arapahoe Bend in Winter"Thumbnail of Dave Santillanes | "Rawah Mist"Thumbnail of Dave Santillanes | "Winter Path"
Thumbnail of Matt Smith | "Guardians of Ediza"Thumbnail of Matt Smith | "Marble Canyon"Thumbnail of Matt Smith | "Clear Weather Coming - Olympic National Park"Thumbnail of Matt Smith | "Mount Washington Aspen"
Jill Soukup
Thumbnail of Jill Soukup | "Joists and Crossbars - Purple"Thumbnail of Jill Soukup | "Joists and Crossbars - Yellow"Thumbnail of Jill Soukup | "Shifting Gears"Thumbnail of Jill Soukup | "White Industry"
Thumbnail of Kevin Weckbach | "Untitled"Thumbnail of Kevin Weckbach | "Violet Tree"Thumbnail of Kevin Weckbach | "Swimming Hole"Thumbnail of Kevin Weckbach | "Pink Farmhouse"Thumbnail of Kevin Weckbach | "Ochre Day"
Thumbnail of Michael Workman | "Coleville Triptych"Michael Workman | "Winter Mountain and Lake"Michael Workman | "Winter Sketch near Monticello, Utah"
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