Contemporary Realism


Mar 1 - Apr 13, 2013

Opening Reception:
Friday, Mar 1, 5-8pm

Participating Artists:

Thumbnail of Gregory Block | "Eggs in Winter"
Thumbnail of Scott Fraser | "Hot Bunny"Scott Fraser | "Narwhal Love"Scott Fraser | "Serpent Crowned with a Halo"Scott Fraser | "A Lesson in Paint Pre-Study"Scott Fraser | "A Lesson in Paint"
Greg Gandy
Thumbnail of Greg Gandy | "Looking Down Taylor Street"
Thumbnail of Robert C. Jackson | "Want"Thumbnail of Robert C. Jackson | "Terrified"
Andrea T. Kemp
Thumbnail of Andrea T. Kemp | "The Nature of Painting"Thumbnail of Andrea T. Kemp | "Dusk"Thumbnail of Andrea T. Kemp | "Timid"
Thumbnail of Lucong | "Corbin"Thumbnail of Lucong | "Smythe Number Six"
Alyssa Monks
Thumbnail of Alyssa Monks | "Comply"
Thumbnail of Heather Neill | "The Mender"Thumbnail of Heather Neill | "Camera Obscura"Thumbnail of Heather Neill | "Mother's Darts"Thumbnail of Heather Neill | "The Tinker"Thumbnail of Heather Neill | "Green Bean Tea"Thumbnail of Heather Neill | "Spent"
Sadie Valeri
Thumbnail of Sadie Valeri | "Heavenly Creatures"
Thumbnail of Kate Sammons | "Self Portrait in Studio II"Thumbnail of Kate Sammons | "The Vanity"Thumbnail of Kate Sammons | "Tomatillos"Thumbnail of Kate Sammons | "American Winter"Thumbnail of Kate Sammons | "Daydreaming"
Daniel Sprick | "Interior with Bird"
Thumbnail of Jeff Uffelman | "Blue Kettle"Thumbnail of Jeff Uffelman | "Palm"Thumbnail of Jeff Uffelman | "Pouch"Thumbnail of Jeff Uffelman | "Statue of Liberty"
Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen
Thumbnail of Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen | "Untitled"Thumbnail of Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen | "Untitled"
Anthony Waichulis
Thumbnail of Anthony Waichulis | "Conduit"Thumbnail of Anthony Waichulis | "Origins"
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