Kevin Weckbach: Solo Exhibition

Of all the painters I know today, no one better exemplifies a well rounded artist than Kevin Weckbach. He has the skills of a virtuoso, the heart and expression of Van Gogh, and the ability to explore visual vocabulary the way an artist should. Truly a rare combination. Kevin is not bounded by any subject matter, but rather uses what is in front of him as a spring board to dive into making a picture. If there is light, he uses light to a high degree. If the situation is about some other visual problem, he understands and creates his own compositions from them. In my class years ago, Kevin was always able to take any idea I gave him ten steps further. As Walt Whitman put it so beautifully: "He most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher."

History will appreciate such a talent as Kevin. I can look back and only count on one hand the number of artists that rivals what he can do.

--Quang Ho


May 20 - Jun 11, 2011

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 20, 5-8pm

Kevin Weckbach | "The White House"Kevin Weckbach | "Shadow Side"Kevin Weckbach | "Cold Day II"Kevin Weckbach | "Suburban Curve"Kevin Weckbach | "Floating Leaves"Kevin Weckbach | "Back Country Tree"Kevin Weckbach | "Violet's Day"Kevin Weckbach | "In the Woods"Kevin Weckbach | "Wet Log"Kevin Weckbach | "Broken Tree"Kevin Weckbach | "A Dark Day"Kevin Weckbach | "Melting Winter"Kevin Weckbach | "Standing Aspen"Kevin Weckbach | "Deep Forest"Kevin Weckbach | "Small Town"Kevin Weckbach | "Late Walk"Kevin Weckbach | "Frozen Creek"Kevin Weckbach | "Two Trees"Kevin Weckbach | "Up Hill"Kevin Weckbach | "Young Pine"Kevin Weckbach | "Untitled"Kevin Weckbach | "Untitled"Kevin Weckbach | "Park Trunk"Kevin Weckbach | "Cold Day"Kevin Weckbach | "Morning Trees"Kevin Weckbach | "Rock Behind Trees"Kevin Weckbach | "Old Log"Kevin Weckbach | "Fog"Kevin Weckbach | "Rock"Kevin Weckbach | "River Stone"Kevin Weckbach | "Rock in Forest"Kevin Weckbach | "Summer Trees 1"Kevin Weckbach | "Summer Trees 2"Kevin Weckbach | "Summer Forest"Kevin Weckbach | "The Big Rock"Kevin Weckbach | "Boulder and Pink Edge"Kevin Weckbach | "Milk"Kevin Weckbach | "Banana"Kevin Weckbach | "Pair of Grapefruit"Kevin Weckbach | "Wort Hog"Kevin Weckbach | "Boar"Kevin Weckbach | "Wild Dog"Kevin Weckbach | "Kimono"Kevin Weckbach | "Untitled"Kevin Weckbach | "Bypass"Kevin Weckbach | "Abstract 1"Kevin Weckbach | "Abstract 2"
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