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Daniel Sprick | "Cream Pitcher"Daniel Sprick | "View of Broadway"Thumbnail of Daniel Sprick | "Bird and Dish"Daniel Sprick | "Red Pan and Cutting Board"Daniel Sprick | "Pearl Onions"Daniel Sprick | "Bird and Red Cloth"Daniel Sprick | "Backlit Iris"Thumbnail of Daniel Sprick | "Vanitas"Daniel Sprick | "8th and Logan"Daniel Sprick | "White Hollyhock"Thumbnail of Daniel Sprick's "White Roses"Daniel Sprick | "Colorado River near Rifle"Daniel Sprick | "Amaryllis in Winter"Daniel Sprick | "Studio with View of the City"Daniel Sprick | "7th St Railroad Bridge"Daniel Sprick | "Roaring Fork River"Daniel Sprick | "Eggs with Vase II"Daniel Sprick | "Four Mile Creek" (Study)Daniel Sprick | "Eastbound on W 6th Ave"Daniel Sprick | &quotSkeleton at Window"Daniel Sprick | "Calla Lilies"Daniel Sprick | "Eastbound on I-70 at W. 6th"Daniel Sprick | "Red Mountain Bird"Daniel Sprick | "Eggs and Vase"Daniel Sprick | "Self Portrait with Skeleton"Daniel Sprick | "Table"Daniel Sprick | "Reclining Figure"Daniel Sprick | "Interior with Landscape"Daniel Sprick | "The Art Room"Daniel Sprick | "Goat Skeleton"Daniel Sprick | "Interior with Chair"Daniel Sprick | "Necklace and Bird"Daniel Sprick | "Still Life with Onion"Daniel Sprick | "Amaryllis"Daniel Sprick | "Amaryllis in Winter"Daniel Sprick | "Yellow Roses"Daniel Sprick | "White Roses"Daniel Sprick | "Roses in Sunlight"Daniel Sprick | "Four Mile Creek"Daniel Sprick | "Hibiscus"Daniel Sprick | "White Roses and Blue Cloth"Daniel Sprick | "White Roses"Daniel Sprick | "Vanitas"Daniel Sprick | "Untitled"Daniel Sprick | "Chicken Skeleton"Daniel Sprick | "Object Project"Daniel Sprick | "Pencil Sharpener"Daniel Sprick | "White Lily"Daniel Sprick | "Two Pears"Daniel Sprick | "Sculptural Figure in Studio"Daniel Sprick | "Chicken Skeleton"Daniel Sprick | "Male Portrait"Daniel Sprick | "Railroad Overpass on Midland"Daniel Sprick | "Trackhoe"Daniel Sprick | "Grand Avenue"
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