About Gallery 1261

Gallery 1261 is located in the heart of Denver's LoDo neighborhood at 1412 Wazee St. This space is shared with Abend Gallery and K Contemporary. The gallery is dedicated to presenting excellent work that reflects the artists’ most creative side, done without the constraints of marketability in mind.

The vision of Gallery 1261 is one of enhanced freedom in the experience of art for both artists and appreciators of art, meaning it is driven not by commercial tastes or market standards, but rather by pure expression and artistic talent.

Gallery 1261 is the brainchild of artist Quang Ho who wanted a place where artists he knows and admires can show the work that is truly important, done without constraints of marketing strategies and sales quotas.

"Itís about the art. Itís about pure artistic expression. Itís about the work an artist creates for his own soul.

Pure. Genuine. Expression." —curator, Quang Ho

Hours: Tue - Sat, 12pm - 6pm MST

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Gallery 1261
1412 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202
303-571-1261 | 888-626-1261
Hours: Tue - Sat, 12pm - 6pm MST